Rick and Morty Gifts: The Ultimate Guide To Get Schwifty

rick and morty gifts

 Do you need the ultimate Schwifty gift for a huge Rick and Morty fan? Finding a unique and meaningful gift based on the TV show isn't so easy, so we compiled a list of the best picks out there. Once you go through it, you will be able to make the right choice. Whether your friend likes games, unique collectibles, or practical items that they can use daily, there are tons of options available. Go through this list carefully as we promised it will be tough to pick only one Rick and Morty gift.

Rick and Morty Personalized Gifts: 

Custom Rick and Morty Portrait

Does your friend have a well-curated gallery wall? This Rick and Morty wall art will be a lovely addition to their gallery. It includes Rick and Morty's different planet backgrounds and super cool laser guns in a fun graphic design. The fact that a top-notch artist is responsible for the design brings more value to the gift. 

Rick and Morty Clothing Gifts:

Rick and Morty Slippers

 The new season of Rick and Morty will start soon, so it is better to get prepared. A pair of comfy slippers is a must-have. But not any kind of slippers. This unique pair features one slipper that looks like Rick and one that looks like Morty. They are perfect for sitting on the couch and enjoying your favorite show. 

Baby Onesie

With having different gifts suitable for all ages, we simply can't forget about babies. These onesies are a great gift for Rick and Morty fans that have a baby. This way, they can pass their love for the series onto the next generation. 

Stranger Things T-shirt

This tee is a perfect gift for that friend that adores graphic tees. The schwifty design features a mash between Rick and Morty and the Stranger Things. While we couldn't ask for anything better than this, the T-shirt is made of 100% cotton to ensure comfort. You will see your friend wearing their favorite tee often.

Ugly Christmas Sweater


When you need good Christmas Rick and Morty gifts, don't miss this masterpiece. The wacky design is something that you can't find elsewhere, so make sure that you don't miss it. It will help you get rickety wrecked for an ugly sweater party in no time. 

Mr. Meeseeks Pajamas


If your friend loves Mr. Meeseek's episode, this is one of the perfect Rick and Morty gifts. The pajamas feel so comfy and cozy, so your friend will be thankful for your choice. Prepare for a Wubba lubba dub dub night or use it as a cool Haloween costume to amaze everyone. 

Vitruvian Rick T-shirt

If you are looking for the most creative gift, we can say that this one matches all the criteria for an excellent gift. The T-Shirt features a fun print that can match any casual outfit. It resembles the famous art piece by Da Vinci replaced with Rick. The hilarious design is a true masterpiece available in black and navy. 

Rick and Morty Socks Gift


A pair of good socks is a universal gift that works for anyone. You can't go wrong with men's socks inspired by their favorite TV show. These come with a fun print of the wacky Rick and the terrified Morty. Just get creative with the packing, and you have a nice gift ready to amaze someone. 

Kitchen and Food:

Spaceship Lunch Box

No crazy adventure starts without having something for snacking. If storing your lunch in a unique lunch box inspired by your favorite show sounds great, don't miss it. The spaceship lunch box will keep your food at an optimal temperature, while still looking awesome. 

Lunch Bag

The lunch tote is very convenient for bringing your own food to school, work, or the beach. It has handles and shoulder straps, which makes it easy for you to transport it. It will keep your food hot or cold for at least 4 hours. It is large enough to hold lots of food and support you on your out-of-space adventures. But really, the best part is the fun print that resembles the famous Starry Night painting. 

Rick and Morty Pint Glasses

Do you have a beer lover friend? Get them a pair of fancy glasses so that they can enjoy their favorite drink. One of the glasses has Rick's most common facial expressions, while the other has Morty's anxious reactions. This set comes with two high-quality pint glasses to enjoy a good beer with your friend. 

Plumbus Travel Mug

If your friend is more of a practical person, they need something they can use daily. A travel mug inspired by their favorite TV show sounds like the ultimate gift.  You can't start an adventure without a dose of Fleeb juice, so mug with plastic cubes is a must. Whether it is a smoothie, juice, or ice coffee, your friend will appreciate this gift. It will keep the beverage ice-cold, while amazing everyone with the hilarious design.

Rick and Morty Cookie Cutters


If you have a friend that loves Rick and Morty and baking at the same time, here is a smart suggestion. These cookie cutters are perfect for preparing some treats with their favorite characters. They are specially designed to print all those fine details into the dough. In no time, they can prepare themed cookies for any type of gathering. 

Salt and Pepper Shaker


Rick and Morty collectors can never have enough pieces in their collection. If you want to be the friend who gives memorable gifts, then a set of unusual salt and pepper shakers will do the trick. Plumbus and Pickle Rick come in shape of the most used kitchen tools. Everyone should have Plumbus Pepper and Pickle Rick salt on their dining table, which is an excellent gift idea. 

Mr. Meeseeks Jars


If your friend already has all of the Rick and Morty collectibles, this is a safe pick. They certainly don't have this unique set of 4 Mr. Meeseeks jars. Each one introduces a different mood, so you get a total of 4 different food containers. 

Rick and Morty Shot Glass


The shot glass is another fun addition to the Rick and Morty collection. Whether your friend needs a good shot glass or sauce dipping glass, this is a cool gift. It has a picture of Rick that has had enough of his Szechuan sauce.  Not that only you can get schwifty with this 2 oz red glass, but it also comes in a fun package box. This means that it is already packed as a present. 

Books and Games:

Rick and Morty Anatomy Park

If you have a friend that is crazy about strategy games, this will make it the perfect gift. The Anatomy Park game is inspired by the famous episode when all the action happens inside Ruben's body. You face the challenge of placing tiles to build the Anatomy Park while ensuring you don't run out of time.

Rick and Morty Coloring Book


Adult coloring books help you relax and relieve stress. Especially when your coloring book is based on your favorite characters. When you feel like you want to chill, you can find some adult coloring patterns with plumbuses, meeseeks, and a few Krombopulos here and there. Pair together with coloring pencils to create the best gift for a friend that needs a new hobby.

Rick and Morty Total Rickall Game

This amusing card game is a huge favorite on the Rick and Morty gifts list. It is based on the Total Rickall episode, so it guarantees a fun experience. The cooperative game is a fun activity for a Friday night with your friends. It is easy to learn and play so that everyone can get involved. The best thing is that there are lots of wacky characters included in the game. It is all about discovering which zany characters are good, and the ones that aren't.

Rick and Morty Monopoly

The classic game of Monopoly gets a special and unique edition. You won't get to purchase traditional houses and hotels. Rick and Morty are here to make the game wackier. You will fight over buying gooble boxes and flooble cranks. Together with the Smiths, you can try to build a monopoly over the Multiverse and other places. The monopoly comes with custom Flurbo currency to make things even wackier. The minimum of playing time is 1 hour, so be sure to reserve your whole afternoon. 

The Art of Rick and Morty


This is the book that every Rick and Morty fan was waiting for. It reveals the thoughts of the creators themselves and the process of making. As soon as you open the book, you have the concept and production art in your hands. The artbook reveals the art and masterminds behind the series, with all twisted ideas and cynical characters. It covers al of the characters, so be sure that you will find your favorite one. Not that only it is a good pick for fans, but it makes a great gift for everyone into animations. The great secrets are revealed within a glow-in-the-dark cover that is a perfect addition to any home library.



Rick and Morty Stickers Gift

If you want to add a dose of personality to your belongings, this is the thing that you need. The Rick and Morty stickers come with high-quality graphics and amusing design. The vinyl stickers are waterproof, so you don't have to worry about chipping. Use labels with your favorite character to customize your laptop, water bottle, skateboard, phone, etc. 

Umbrella with a Print

When you are looking for functional Rick and Morty gifts, go for an umbrella. Your friend will be thankful for saving them on a rainy day. But, keep in mind that this isn't a traditional umbrella. The out-of-space-design folds inwards means that there won't be a puddle when you close a wet umbrella. It is very convenient, as it will dry quickly and won't take much space. The fun and eye-catchy print are what matters the most. It will make everyone say Wubba lubba dub dub!

Rick Figure

Rick, the mad scientist, comes in the shape of an action figure. Designed by Funko, this stylized collectible is a great addition to any fan's collection. With a height of 3 ¾ inches, it comes with its unique display box. Funko's collection has other characters from the show, in case you want to help your friend build a schwifty collection. 

Rick Laptop Decal

This creative decal features Rick with one of his favorite quotes. It is compatible with Apple Macbook, so you don't have to worry about this. Your friend will appreciate this simple but wacky design. But, you don't have to be limited to laptops only. The sticker can be used to personalize any type of personal belongings. 

Rick Enamel Pin

The Rick enamel pin looks very identical, has precise details, and comes with solid colors. It isn't a low-quality pin that can be lost easily. The butterfly clutch baking will make sure that your friend never loses this pin. This would make a wacky present for that Rick and Morty fan. Passionate collectors will know that they have an authentic and high-quality piece in their collections.

Morty iPhone case

A phone case is something that everyone has so that it would make an excellent gift. We do remember Morty for his confused face, so this phone case comes with a unique design. It will have your phone safe and protected from impact and let everyone know that you are a huge Rick and Morty fan. 


Rick Shower Curtain

This would make a pretty unusual, but creative and functional gift. The shower curtain has a unique print of Rick so that passionate fans will love it. It will add a statement in the bathroom with the colors, so don't mind adding it to the gift list. Even the biggest Ricky and Morty fan that already has an extensive collection will be surprised by this shower curtain.


A doormat is meant to wish everyone a warm welcome in your home. Despite looking all swifty, this doormat has another function too. It will add a dose of personality and attract other passionate Rick and Morty fans. 

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